Kenzie & Drea

Mr Drea was not about to give me any smiles, but hes just as cute without one!!

The Cuch Family

This is such a beautiful family...

The Wrights

This little family is just adorable..  Congrats on your newest addition you guys are truly blessed with an amazing family!


This cute girl had the great idea of getting in the water for her..  CRAZY in October but made an awesome picture!! Thanks Bai I had a lot of fun working with you!

The Croziers

These guys should totally be in a magazine!! Thanks for a fun shoot...

Huber Kids

Man these kids have grown up on me where has the time gone..  I have gotten to spend a lot of time with them through stock show and have enjoyed every minute!!!

Csere Kids & there Papa

These kids are so fun!!  Thank you Terry for another opportunity to take pictures of your adorable kiddos...

Bobo Girls

These girls are so stinkin' cute, each one with there own little personalities that defines them.  I have had so much fun getting to know this little family!